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Rights of Revolution

Rick Dakan

The Fall of Versailles and the Declaration of the Rights of Man take the stage in this article. The revolution is more right than wrong in these heady, early days before everything gets real, real dark.

Read it here.

Time Warp to 1789

Rick Dakan

A little change in plans - starting this week I'm jumping back in time to 1789 and the Storming of the Bastille. I'll then continue with the series moving forward in time from there.

I wrote up a short explanation of why and I've laid out my plans for the next ten articles, including preview pics.

Read all about it here!

Imperial Paris

Rick Dakan

Napoleon's reign only lasted fifteen years, much of it dominated by costly wars. Yet in the short time he ruled, he changed the face of Paris forever. Come explore the Imperial legacy that set the stage for modern Paris.

Read the whole article here.

Napoleon's Play Kings

Rick Dakan

Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power thanks to the French Revolution, but failed to learn one of the revolution's most important lessons: blood ties is a terrible way to pick kings. Napoleon doled out crowns to almost all of his many brothers and sisters. This article describes what went wrong and puts them into context of the palaces Napoleon lived in throughout his reign as Consul and then Emperor.

Read it here, on Atavist!

Why Waterloo?

Rick Dakan

Why do we commemorate the Battle of Waterloo? What's all the fuss about? Why won't France let Belgium issue special coins in honor of the battle. Find out the answers to these and other questions in Why Waterloo?

La Belle Epcot

Rick Dakan

That picture right there? That's not Paris. It's Florida. Read about my journey to the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow and discover what Disney does when they decide to reenact France. There's very little Revolution or Empire to be found, but it's a fascinating and delicious trip through time.

Click here to read about La Belle Epcot!